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nature claims flawless victory

6 Apr

So tragedy has struck me for the first time this season. It’s not a surprise, considering my many life follies. I can preface this by saying I have been to the doctor regarding a piece of q-tip stuck in my ear. In my adult life. That being said, it is not a shock anytime something hilariously awful happens.

I’ve been on a roll. I mowed the yard by myself and still have my legs. I have used a handsaw. I drive to work every day without much incident. It caught up to me today.

I know you’re probably blown away by my photo editing skills, but focus for a minute!  There’s poison ivy all over my face and on my eyelid. I chanced it and put on mascara (you’re welcome), but it’s a little uncozy. I have no idea how it happened. I know I’m really into plants and stuff, but I don’t recall rubbing my face all over them out of adoration. Really, I didn’t. It’s a lot worse than in the picture too. My blindingly pale skin tends to blow everything out, usually to the point that I appear to only have eyes and a mouth in a picture. But I digress. This is simply a warning to everyone, it’s out there. Be careful, kids.