today in the yard

5 Apr

I’ve been a very busy bee. Last Saturday, I planted all of my new acquisitions into the sloping bank of death. It certainly doesn’t look like much right now, but hopefully will fill in and be the nicest looking driveway in town.


This is what it looked like pre-Saturday.


And here it is now. All of my yucky plastic garden markers are still there because I haven’t had a chance to switch them out. It looks better already, right? Or am I insane? I’m going with a dark foliage and chartreuse type theme. More on that as it fills in, looks like I spent more than five minutes on it, and makes the crippling back pain more acceptable.

There’s not much showing off out there today, but there are a few gems worth posting.


Well, these were outside. I planted them last year in a faraway corner because I didn’t know what else to do with them. I think they’re kinda fun. Even if they are tulips.


I am not sure what these are, my Mom gave them to me in a huge bin. I think the tag said summer blooming daffodils, but it’s not summer. And they’re a lot saucier than daffodils. I give them a resounding thumbs up whatever they are.


The $2.50 Hellebores are still putting on a show. Seriously, thank you Home Depot. Annuals? Pfft. Now, if only the stubborn f1 hybrids will start blooming so I know what color they are…


Yes, jerk. I’m talking to you. This dirtbag is teasing me. It could be white, pink, green, red or black. I have no idea. But knowing my luck, it will be a white one with red splashes all over it because I don’t like those. If it doesn’t bloom this year, I will probably fistfight it.


And my little Lakeside Cupcake hosta showed up this week. Last year it had an epic battle with the slugs (and lost). Right now it looks okay. I might be fistfighting some slugs this year too. It’s going to be a busy summer of hand to hand combat.


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