interlude with a dining room

1 Apr

Since this is to cover the whole house, and not just the yard, I’m going to back peddle a little bit and talk a bit about the little lady herself. As I mentioned before, we bought a monster of a house last summer. Built in 1925, it was lived in prior to us by an elderly couple that sold it for the reasons that an older couple would sell a house with stairs in it.


It comes with all of the things an old house of that time period comes with. Iffy electricity, hilarious curtains and a huge hill. It’s really just exactly what I’ve always wanted.

It is incredibly hard to take a decent picture of it because the ground is so warbly. This is the best that I can do, and pretty much the same angle the realtor took, so I guess it’s a common issue.

And now that you’re caught up with that, let’s show off a partially finished room, shall we? Hooray! Okay, so the house was beige on beige on beige when we signed the papers and took over. And we hit the ground running the weekend we moved in. Hilariously enough, the last room either of us really cared about was the dining room, and wouldn’t you know it, that’s the one that got done-ish first.


Beige-y right? This is the only picture of the dining room before that isn’t all blurry. Apparently, I was terrified of the impending legally binding paperwork.

The room was in really good shape, and other than some paint on the walls and some bravery in the form of painting the fireplace tile, it just needed the furniture.


I used an oil-based paint and thinly painted over the hideous hunter green tile. After about four coats, it looked really good. I was worried it would be sticky, but it’s not. I haven’t really scratched at it, but it has been wiped down. So far, much better.


I did a checkerboard pattern in brush strokes, alternating up and down and side to side. It’s subtle, but it definitely makes it look like they are supposed to be gray and gives each tile a little variance from the next when the light hits it.

I made a roman shade following this tutorial. I like them a lot, but need to fiddle with a backing or something. They look good when they’re raised, but the view of the treadmill isn’t exactly postcard-worthy. Might I suggest using fabric you can’t see through if you  were to make one of these handsome devils for yourself.


And now, here she is painted up and looking fancy.


Some serious thrift store shopping is planned and I’ll post new updates as she gets fancier. We have already made it a habit to eat food here from time to time instead of on our laps like cavemen. Maturity +4!


2 Responses to “interlude with a dining room”

  1. chicenvelopements April 1, 2012 at 2:56 am #

    Oh i love your new house and I can’t wait to see how you fix it up!
    Happy Saturday!

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