so many things

28 Mar

There are so many things happening outside that it’s really hard to focus. I’m everywhere all at once, trying to do everything now. Before my plant orders start showing up, you know? Oh, wait…


As Liz Lemon would say, “Blurg!” I really thought I had more time to prepare, but alas. Some of the lovelies have arrived. They’re hanging out in the laundry room till I get a day off. Until then, the battleplans are being drawn. Saturday is the big day.

I’m really excited about fixing up the yard. I’ve been a renter for so long, I have had to suppress all inklings for pretty plants. Now I am in an unstoppable frenzy. It’s ridiculous. Last fall, before I was able to do too much planning, I read a lot of gardening blogs. And thanks mostly to this, I became obsessive of hellebores. So I ordered a few, a few more, and then stumbled upon some for $2.50 at Home Depot (listed as annuals!). I bought some called Sunshine Selections from Sunshine Farms. These are wildcards, and you have no idea what you will actually get. I have at least five of them, and the suspense has been killing me since I put them in the ground in August. I am not sure if they will be blooming this year or not, but if they don’t I might have a freaking stroke. The little teases.


And like I don’t have enough on my plate right now, I found some hosta babies planted literally in the middle of the yard. I even mowed over some of them. I went on a rescue mission despite being in danger of being late for work.


Why hello naked tree bottom! Are you particularly fond of those unsightly weeds you’ve been seen with?  How about a more respectable (albeit predictable) crew?


I’ll give you an update on how that’s going later on. So, I’ve given some insight into the perplexing landscaping disasters I have on my hands, how about yours? What’s the most befuddling yard-related encounter you’ve ever had? I’m very curious to know if this sort of thing is a widespread epidemic.

And now I’m off to look at my new leafy pals.


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